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In interior of any room we cannot neglect the use of wall panels, can  simply  be a matter of finding the right look and feel, without having to make any more decisions in terms of decoration. The oval shaped nitches with optimum light highlight spaces for decorative which again get to the pattern of wall panel.

Simplicity never disappoints, as seen in design of this room. Contrast shades of laminates highlights the spaces of any room. Great headboard ideas can completely transform the look and feel of your bedroom.

Sleek with rectilinear forms, these pieces are unabashedly contemporary and worked in wood material and finishes allowing for individual expression to unfold, delivers calm and rejuvenation focusing on the essentials.

Our practical designs will simply give your drawing rooms look exotic. Contemporary furniture and decorative like simple use of backlit mdf jali work. Items will make your rooms look exquisite and incomparable . Elegant use of grey and brown add richness to the design.





With its dark interior color palette, it is no wonder that the building does not compress its volume but as you step inside, comfort will show its impersonations at every step.

Contrast collection delivers calm and peaceful environment by eliminating the unrelated things and focusing on the essentials. Sleek with rectilinear forms, with intricate jali work which holds for individual expression to unfold.


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